Robocop documentation#


Robocop is a tool that performs static code analysis of Robot Framework code.

It uses official Robot Framework parsing API to parse files and runs number of checks, looking for potential errors or violations to code quality standards (commonly referred as linting issues).

Hosted on GitHub


Full documentation is available here.


Python 3.6+ and Robot Framework 3.2.2+.


You can install Robocop simply by running:

pip install -U robotframework-robocop


Robocop runs by default from the current directory and it discovers supported files recursively. You can simply run:


All command line options can be displayed in help message by executing:

robocop -h

or found in our CLI options documentation.

Example Output#

Executing command:

robocop --report rules_by_error_type test.robot

Will result in following output:

\Users\OCP\test.robot:7:1 [W] 0509 Section '*** Variables ***' is empty (empty-section)
\Users\OCP\test.robot:22:1 [E] 0801 Multiple test cases with name "Simple Test" (first occurrence in line 17) (duplicated-test-case)
\Users\OCP\test.robot:42:1 [E] 0810 Both Task(s) and Test Case(s) section headers defined in file (both-tests-and-tasks)
\Users\OCP\test.robot:48:1 [W] 0302 Keyword 'my keyword' does not follow case convention (wrong-case-in-keyword-name)
\Users\OCP\test.robot:51:13 [I] 0606 Tag 'mytag' is already set by Force Tags in suite settings (tag-already-set-in-force-tags)

Found 5 issues: 2 ERRORs, 2 WARNINGs, 1 INFO.


Original RoboCop - a fictional cybernetic police officer - was following 3 prime directives which also drive the progress of Robocop linter:

First Directive: Serve the public trust

Which lies behind the creation of the project - to serve developers and testers as a tool to build applications they can trust

Second Directive: Protect the innocent

The innocent testers and developers have no intention to produce ugly code but sometimes, you know, it just happens, so Robocop is there to protect them

Third Directive: Uphold the law

Following the coding guidelines established in the project are something very important to keep the code clean, readable and understandable by others and Robocop can help to uphold the law

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